The Edge


Daily rentals:

Flatwater Kayak- 35.00

Tandum Kayak- 50.00

Whitewater Kayak- 50.00

Stand Up Paddle Board- 50.00

All Kayak and SUP rentals come as a package deal with all equipment included. If you don't have experience, sign up for a group or private lesson.

Boogie Board- 10.00

Fins- 5.00

Life Jacket- 5.00

Helmet- 5.00

Wetsuit- 10.00

Boogie Board Package- 20.00

Boogie Board Package: Board; Fins; Helmet and Life Jacket

Tent- 15.00

Sleeping Bag- 5.00

Backpack- 10.00

Sleeping pad- 5.00


Daily Rentals:

Skis- 15.00

2 days- 25.00

Snowboard- 20.00

2 days- 35.00

Ski or Snowboard boots- 10.00

Snowshoes- 8.00

Helmet- 5.00

Demo Skis*- 30.00

All ski and snowboard rentals include all necessary equipment to enjoy the sport.

*Demos are limited and many who try out our recommendations fall in love and buy. Try out what we have in our fleet before they are gone.

Also, if you decide to buy the demos, the rental fee is applied to the cost!

Snowshoes with poles- 8.00

Season Rentals:

Adult Ski- 150.00

Children Ski- 125.00

Ski boot only- 60.00