The Edge



Learn to Kayak

Learn to Stand Up Paddle board- Private

35.00 Rental Included

Consignment- If you don't want to go through the hassle of finding someone to buy your old stuff, let us know. We get a lot of outdoor minded people looking for good deals.

Gear Repair-  Don't trash your stuff just yet! It's more affordable to repair rips and broken zippers than it is to replace!

If we can't fix it we know who can. Come in for a quote.


Skis and Snowboards

Hot Wax- 10.00

Edge and Was- 18.00

Full Tune up- 30.00

Binding Mount Skis- 30.00

Binding Mount Snowboard- 15.00

Binding adjustment- 12.00

Core shot- 12.00

Did you hit a rock and now part of the base is missing? Did you rip your edge off? Do not discount your gear just yet. If you think it's not able to be fixed, bring it down and let our skilled staff see what can be done. We will give you our honest opinion and our best quality work.